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Article VIII

Article IX

Duties of the Treasurer

Article X

a) To receive all monies due the Association and deposit same in a bank in the
school district.

b) To pay all claims orders by the Civic Association and authorized by the

c) To keep checkbook and all records of the financial condition of the
Association and give a monthly and annual report.

d) To prepare an annual budget along with the Executive Committee.

e) To sign all checks issued and to have them countersigned by the President.
Any check over $100 will require two signatures.

f) To be a member of the Executive Committee.

g) To have the right to vote.

h) To prepare books for audit by an auditing committee or a certified public
accountant and present same at the annual meeting.

  • An Auditing Committee shall make up the audit until such time

as the Civic Association can afford a certified public


  • The audit shall be completed within sixty (60) days after close

of the fiscal year.

i) In the event the organization dissolves or terminates; after paying any
outstanding liabilities, all remaining assets will be distributed exclusively for
one or more of the purposes set forth in Section 1116 (a) (4) of the New
York State Law.

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