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Article VII

Article VIII

Duties of Recording Secretary

Article IX

a) To keep minutes and agendas of all regular and executive meetings of the
Association in a designated minute book bearing his/her signature.

b) To be custodian of records of the Association, exclusive of those specifically
assigned to others.

c) To record all amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws and their date
of adoption.

d) All minutes of the regular meeting shall be read at the Executive Meeting
and at the next scheduled regular meeting in their entirety.

e) Shall be a member of the Executive Committee.

f) To preside at all meetings of the Association as a whole in the absence of
the President and Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors,
and at such times to have the power to appoint committees after approval
of formation by the Executive Committee.

g) To have the right to vote.

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