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Article VI

Article VII

Duties of the Vice President

Article VIII

a) To preside at all meetings of the Association as a whole in absence of the
President, and at such times to have the power to appoint committees
after approval of formation by the Executive Committee.

b) To succeed the President in case of resignation, leave of absence or death.
The Vice-President shall fulfill the unexpired term of office of the President
as specified in these by-laws.

c) Should the President be unable to perform the duties of the office for any
reason, the Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President as
stated in Article IV, until such time as the President can resume his/her

d) Shall keep current a list of membership of the Association, and shall present
copies of such list to all officers of the Association at each meeting.
e) To be a member of the Executive Committee.

f) To have the right to vote.

g) The Vice President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

h) The Vice President has to approve a check over $100 made out to the
President or the Treasurer.

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