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Article XIV

Article XV

Nominations and Elections

Article XVI

a) A nominating committee of no less than three (3) members nor more than
five (5) members in good standing all be appointed by the President at the
January meeting. The Committee shall include at least one (1) member of
the Executive Committee and one (1) other being a member of the Board of

b) Nominations of this Committee shall be made at the regular February
meeting to fill all vacancies. At this time, nominations may also be made
from the floor. Nominations made in February shall be held in abeyance
until March meeting when further nominations may be made from the

c) Elections will be held at the regular March meeting after nominations have
been officially closed.

d) Members of the Nominating Committee are not barred from running for

e) No nominations shall be made without the permission of the nominee.

f) All elected officers will take office effective April 1st

g) All elected officers will sign their Oath of Office upon taking office.

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