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Article XXIV

Article XXV

Mission, Purpose and
Membership of Organization

a) The President shall appoint a committee of members in good standing, at
least one (1) of which shall be a member of the Executive Committee, for
the purpose of revising these By-Laws.

b) The committee having been appointed and a date for submission of revised
By-Laws having been set, the membership must be notified in writing that
the report of the By-Laws Committee will be given at the next regular
meeting and acted on at that time. This will be all the notice required.

c) The report of the committee on revision of By-Laws will be treated as any
other report. The appointment of this committee by the President is notice
that the committee will submit a new set of By-Laws which will be open to
amendments as fully as if the Association were adopting By-Laws for the first time.

d) The one word “Amend” or “Revision” covers any change whatsoever to the
Constitution and By-Laws of this Association.

e) A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present is required for adopting
amendments or revisions of the By-Laws.

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