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Article XXIII

Article XXIV

Amendments to the By-Laws

Article XXV

All amendments must be submitted in writing and read at a regular meeting of
the Association. They must be held in abeyance until the next regular meeting,
read once more and voted on by the membership.

a) All members are to be notified in writing, prior to the meeting at which a
proposed amendment is to be voted on.

b) Two-thirds (2/3) of all members in good standing present a regular meeting
are needed for adoption of an amendment to the By-Laws.

c) Amendments and changes may be submitted at any regular meeting, in
writing, by any member, to the Association other than junior members.
However, all such amendments and changes will be held in abeyance until

the annual By-Laws Revision Meeting or as set by the President, at which

time they shall be presented along with the proposed revisions of the By-
Laws Committee.

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