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Article XXI

Article XXII

Expulsion of Elected Officers, Members and/or Directors

Article XXIII

a) Any elected officer, member and/or director may be brought up on charges
in writing to the President, Chairman of the Board or Executive Committee
with a copy to the person charged, by any member qualified to vote.

b) Said individual must be notified in writing of the charges, by the highest
ranking official not involved in the charges, within 30 days of receipt of the

c) Notification will be sent to all members in good standing as stipulated in
these By-Laws regarding the upcoming vote for removal of said individual
prior to the next scheduled general meeting.

d) The individual will be expelled if the majority of members in good standing
vote for removal at a scheduled general meeting. The vote shall be by
secret ballot and effective immediately.

e) The highest ranking individual not involved in the charges will nominate a
replacement with the majority approval of the Executive Committee. Such
replacement shall be confirmed by the majority membership at the next
scheduled general meeting.

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