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Article XII

Article XIII

The Executive Committee

Article XIV

a) All Officers, Directors, Chairperson and Co-Chairmen of standing committee
shall be members of the Executive Committee.
Standing Committees:


  • Membership/Fundraising/Scholarship

  • Beautification

  • Traffic and Transportation

  • Auditing

  • By-Laws

b) All members of the Executive Committee shall have the right to vote.

c) These committees shall meet as often as needed to conduct necessary
business; time and place to be set by the committee.

d) All committees shall report current actions at monthly Executive Meeting.

e) These Committees shall furnish and disseminate knowledge and
information to be recommended to the membership.

f) All committee reports will be submitted in writing; one to the President and
one to the Chairman of the Directors.

g) One third (1/3) of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

h) Town Studies,

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