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Article I

Article II

Mission, Purpose and
Membership of Organization

Article III

Section I – Mission

The mission of the Association shall be to study and discuss the needs of the
community and to offer a unified voice while working together to enhance the
quality of life in Port Jefferson Station Terryville area and in the
Union Free School District No. 3.

Section II – Purpose

a) To cultivate and promote cooperation among its members and members of
other organizations in the community, as well as to contribute to the
growth of civic pride and involvement in the community.

b) To furnish and disseminate knowledge and information concerning
community activities to its members and the general public.

c) To do any and all things which shall be lawful and appropriate.

d) The Port Jefferson Station Terryville Civic Association shall be non-profit
and non-political in nature.

Section III – Membership

a) An individual who has reached the age of eighteen years of age and resides
in Port Jefferson Station Terryville 11776 zip code and/or resides in said
Union Free School District No. 3 shall be eligible for membership.

b) Member in Good Standing. An individual shall be determined to be a
member in good standing if such a member has attended at least 3

monthly meetings within the previous 12 months and membership dues
are current.

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